How you can help/Volunteers!

Great building, great history, great future

Spring is just around the corner!  It’s a time for new beginnings, as the daffodil bulbs begin to push their way up through the soil, and before long lambs will be appearing in the field, helping us all to feel reinvigorated.  With hopefully the worst of the winter weather behind us, maybe one of the following ideas will encourage you to shed off the winter gloom, spring into action, and get involved with supporting the Anstice, helping to bring it back to the heart of Madeley.

Keen gardener getting itchy greenfingers?

Can’t wait to get in the garden or greenhouse and sow seeds for summer planting?  How about sowing an extra tray or two of seeds, and then selling the plants to friends and family in return for a donation to the Anstice?

Need to spring clean your wardrobe?

Be spurred in to action to spring clean your wardrobe, and organise a jumble sale to benefit the Anstice.  What you no longer like or no longer fits you, someone else is sure to love!

Or how about a garage sale?

Great opportunity to tidy up your garage so you can reach the lawnmower.  Just sort out all those unused and no longer needed items, put up a poster to advertise your sale, and raise money for the Anstice.

New beginnings, new you

Planning to get fit in readiness for that long awaited summer break?  Perhaps you are taking up jogging or joining your local gym.  It may help you to get committed if you are raising funds for the Anstice as well as aiming for that new you.  Get sponsored for every mile you jog round the block, or tackle on the treadmill.

Give it up!

Need inspiration to give up those cakes, take-away coffees, ciggies or bottle of plonk to get fit for summer?  Giving up is a great way to raise funds for the Anstice, donating what you would normally spend to the Anstice.  Even giving up one take-away coffee a week at £2 a cup would raise £104 over the next 12 months for the Anstice!

Donate an hour of your time

Got some time on your hands?  Want to make new friends and socialise?  Keen to use your skills and experience to help a local good cause?  Anstice Community Trust is looking for people to undertake a wide variety of volunteer roles, from helping with events to baking cakes, from organising your own fundraising to distributing posters, and much much more.

Whatever you would like to do to help, the Anstice Community Trust would love to hear from you.  Just call 01952 567286 or complete the form telling us how you would like to help.


“I’m incredibly pleased to be a part of Madeley community and it’s great to see the Anstice coming back to life and once again becoming the community hub.”

Louisa Warburton, Anstice Community Trust Member

“Having served Madeley as both a Town and Borough Councillor throughout it’s recent development, I was pleased to become a Member of the Anstice Community Trust (ACT) to help save this wonderful 19th century building which has survived two rebuilds already.  All of us at ACT are determined to take things forward for the community in to the 21st century, as it’s founders would have intended – after all 2020 will be the 150th Anniversary of the Anstice opening.  Indeed Madeley’s long history may be the key to securing heritage funding, to bring this building back in to use for all residents who have made South Telford their home.”

Gill Green, ACT Trustee & Member