How you can help/Volunteers!



Great building, great history, great future

2018 is the start of a very important year for the Anstice, as it celebrates 150 years from when work began to start the building the Anstice Memorial Institute as a tribute to local philanthropist John Anstice. 150 years on, the Anstice is still standing proud in the centre of Madeley, albeit awaiting a face lift to restore it back at the heart of not only the local community, but also for people from the surrounding area who want to enjoy this wonderful building and the wide range of events and activities which are once again being held in the wonderful ballroom.

Here are just a few ways you can help the Anstice:

Become a voluteer

Whether you can give an hour once in a while, or would like to help voluntarily on a regular basis, there are lots of ways you can get involved. Bake cakes; serve tea and coffee at events; pick up a paintbrush and paint a wall; distribute posters to promote an event; help with cleaning; sell raffle tickets; and much more! Pop in to the Anstice on a Wednesday morning between 10 am and 12 noon for a cuppa and an informal chat, or pop in to Jubilee House (Monday – Friday 9am to 4.30pm) to find out more.

Belong to a club, or community organisation?

Giving the Anstice its much needed face lift costs money so could your club or community organisation organise a coffee morning or a raffle to help raise funds? every single £ raised makes a real difference.

Give it up, make a difference

Want to get inspired to give up smoking, buying a daily doughnut or bar of chocolate? Whatever your special treat, why not give it up and donate the money you save to the Anstice. Saving just £1 a day would raise £365 for the Anstice over 12 months, whilst if you feel inspired to give up smoking, just giving up one packet a week for a year would raise over £400!

Want to organise your own fundraising event?

A few ideas could be a quiz or games night at your local pub; a car wash; a sponsored walk along the Silkin Way or just round the block! Or maybe you have your own idea for a fundraising event you would like to organise?

Lets join forces and really celebrate this great building’s 150th Anniversary! Call 01952 567286 to get involved or find out more

“I’m incredibly pleased to be a part of Madeley community and it’s great to see the Anstice coming back to life and once again becoming the community hub.”

Louisa Warburton, Anstice Community Trust Member

“Having served Madeley as both a Town and Borough Councillor throughout it’s recent development, I was pleased to become a Member of the Anstice Community Trust (ACT) to help save this wonderful 19th century building which has survived two rebuilds already.  All of us at ACT are determined to take things forward for the community in to the 21st century, as it’s founders would have intended – after all 2020 will be the 150th Anniversary of the Anstice opening.  Indeed Madeley’s long history may be the key to securing heritage funding, to bring this building back in to use for all residents who have made South Telford their home.”

Gill Green, ACT Trustee & Member