The Anstice Community Trust (ACT)

When the Working Men’s Club went into liquidation in 2014 local people were worried about what would happen to the Anstice. The ‘Save the Anstice’ campaign was born with this manifesto

This group is dedicated to keeping The Anstice working men’s club for the purpose in which it was built, for the people of Madeley!
Far too many of our historical buildings have been turned into corporate moneyspinners, with no consideration for local people!
Let’s not let The Anstice, the heart of our community be ripped out in exchange for yet another Wetherspoons or a snooker hall…
For over a 144 years The Anstice has served the working men and women of Madeley! Pantomimes, Sunday school productions, choir performances, wedding receptions, British legion meetings, the boxing club meets, not to mention the history of its dances with one of the best sprung wooden floors in the West Midlands. The Anstice is steeped in history and memories lets not lose this vital part of our community, let’s fight for our heritage and join together as our ancestors did in the memory of the local icon that was John Anstice.

In two weeks the group had over 900 members and approached local Councils for support, and working with staff and Councillors formed the Anstice Community Team, dedicated to saving the Anstice for the people of Madeley.

In 2015 Madeley Town Council (MTC) bought the Anstice from the liquidators and  ‘The Anstice Community Trust’ (ACT) by then a registered charity negotiated a 3 year license to occupy the building. Both ACT and MTC then began to raise the serious funds needed to bring the building up to modern standards

The Current Trustees are: –

Lyndy Boden (Chair), June Campbell (Secretary), Sarah Chadwick, Karen Price (Treasurer), Chun Bagry, Ian Duffy, Dot Holden, Melanie McCarthy, Rita Mannering, Julie Morgan, Stephenie Shinton, and Paul Watling.

What does ACT do?

In the long term our purpose is to run the Anstice on behalf of the people of Madeley so it’s financially successful and welcoming to everyone. Right now our main focus is raising funds to modernise the building.

While MTC keep the building safe and watertight, the Anstice was poorly maintained for years. ACT has paid for some repairs like the rear windows and refurbished the ballroom floor but The Anstice desperately needs expensive basic facilities like a lift to the Ballroom and modern plumbing.

We run popular fundraising events in the ballroom appealing to a wide range of ages and tastes. Check out our What’s On page for more info.  We also apply for public funding such as from Tesco Bags of Help and the Big Lottery.

ACT volunteers and supporters have made many improvements to the building, refurbishing the upstairs kitchen, painting and smartening up the cafe area and improving the outside space.

We always need help so if you’d like to know more about what we do then come along to one of our events or drop in at the Anstice every Wednesday between 10 and 12 when we get together with other volunteers to paint, clean, make posters and generally get organised.

Every year we hold our Annual General Meeting and members are invited. Members elect Trustees, can nominate new Trustees or stand as Trustee themselves.

Our minutes and accounts are below and you can download the ACT Constitution. It’s the formal document that governs the Charity and ensures we operate correctly and according to the law.

ACT contact details are : The Secretary, 24 High Street, Madeley, Telford, TF7 5AH. Tel: (01952) 289556.

ACT Meeting Minutes:

Minutes 2015 – 2016

Minutes 2016 – 2017

Minutes 2017 – 2018

Minutes 2018 – 2019