The Anstice Community Trust (ACT)

The story of ACT began with the closure of the Anstice Working Men’s Club in February 2014, this produced a quick response from concerned local people, who felt that the Anstice was central to the identity of Madeley and had been for almost 150 years.

They approached Madeley Town Council to seek support, and working with staff and Councillors formed the Anstice Community Team. From April 2014 volunteers began consultation on the streets of Madeley, outside The Anstice and at local events. By the late summer it was clear that many local people held a genuine passion to keep the building.

On 13th July 2015 ‘The Anstice Community Trust’ (ACT) was registered with the Commission (Charity No: 1162626). The Current Trustees are: –

Lyndy Boden (Chair), June Campbell (Secretary), Karen Price (Treasurer), Chun Bagry, Ian Duffy, Gill Green, Dot Holden, Melanie MacCarthy, Rita Mannering, Julie Morgan, Stephenie Shinton, and Paul Watling.

What does ACT do?

The trustees of Act have a ‘Licence to Occupy’ the Anstice. This means they have legal permission from the owners (Madeley Town Council) to use the building. Both organisations work closely together to achieve the common aim – that of restoring the Anstice to its former glory.

The trustees meet every month to discuss progress and make decisions, they also receive information from 2 sub groups – ‘Events’ and ‘Finance’. Members of these sub groups are ACT Trustees, ACT Members, volunteers and representatives from Madeley Town Council.

The Events Group – organises events, social activities, promotional activities etc.

The Finance Group – looks at fundraising, in particular through grants and donations. They also look at making improvements to the Anstice to keep it functioning while waiting for the decision on larger funding applications.

Every year ACT holds its Annual General Meeting to which all members are invited. At each AGM a third of the Trustees will stand down and if they wish to continue, they will stand for re-election. Members of Act elect the Trustees, they can also nominate new trustees or stand as a trustee themselves.

The constitution of ACT can be found on this page, it is quite a long document but its ‘Objects’ or ‘what it will do’ can be found right at the front. The Constitution is the document that governs the Charity and ensures that it operates correctly and according to the law.

The minutes and accounts of ACT are public documents, available for inspection at the registered office or on-line at this web site.

The contact details for ACT are as follows: The Secretary, 24 High Street, Madeley, Telford, TF7 5AH.

Tel: (01952) 289556.

Minutes of Anstice Community Trust Board Meetings:

Minutes 2015 – 2016

Minutes 2016 – 2017

Minutes 2017 – 2018

Minutes 2018 – 2019