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GREAT NEWS   . . .   The Anstice Ballroom is now available for hire once again. So if you’re looking for a venue to hold your family ‘do’, or for your club to meet, just get in touch.


VOLUNTEERS  . . .    The Anstice needs volunteers to make all these activities happen, and to help raise funds towards the refurbishment of this wonderful building.  So if you have an hour or two to spare, Anstice Community Trust would love to hear from you.  Just ring 01952 567286 or call in to Jubilee House to find out more.


HOW TO HELP  . . .   Visit our ‘How You Can Help/Volunteers Page’


WHAT’S ON   . . .    Visit our ‘Whats On’ page to find out what we have lined up so far. Events for the rest of 2017 will also be posted soon and at ‘The Anstice’ Facebook page and on Posters around Madeley as soon as dates are confirmed.



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